Helpings mission is to help local families go to bed with full tummies by providing recipients with enough nutritious meals for supper all week.

Where is the food from that "Helpings" provides?
The food is from L.A. Gourmet Catering’s pantry, refrigerator and garden. It is prepared in a commercial kitchen, assembled and delivered by employees and volunteers.

What do recipient families receive from "Helpings"?
Each family will receive:
» 5 nutritious meals on Monday of each week
» Food will be provided in reusable containers to each family. The family will need to return clean, empty containers in exchange for filled containers each week.

Who is hungry?
Our neighbors are hungry. According to, in 2009, an Illinois State Report found that Feeding Illinois food banks provided emergency food to 1.4 million Illinois residents. Which breaks down to 1 in 10 men, women and children in our state.

How many families is "Helpings" able to provide meals?
We intend to help as many families as possible. Unfortunately, we do realize that there is a greater need in the community than we are able to provide for. We will provide weekly meals for as many families as we are able.

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