What do you love most about calling the midwest home?
Growing up on a farm has made the midwest very special to me. I love traveling, seeing new places, and experiencing new cultures, but coming home to the cornfields always makes me the happiest.

What made you choose Pear Tree Estate?
I'm not sure if I chose Pear Tree or if it chose me. I remember walking into a coffee shop my freshman year of college to interview with Annie and I have been hooked ever since. The relationships with clients and my co-workers keep me coming back everyday and being able to foster those relationships around food and celebrating really makes it special.

What is your favorite food experience?
Any food I can experience with family and friends is the best experience. I love eating amazing food, but its better to share it with the ones I love. Gathering and celebrating around food is what makes it special to me.

When was the coolest event you executed?
The bigger the event the better. Being busy keeps me going during long days and there is always something happening at large parties. I love the organized craziness that happens behind the scenes and the feeling of accomplishment at the end of the night.

Why events?
I love entertaining, food, and projects. Events are the perfect combination of all three. I love how food brings everyone together. I enjoy seeing each event take shape from start to finish. I also love working with people and exceeding their expectations with each event.